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Austin AI Europe Kft.

-Létrehozva 2022-02-28




elhelyezkedés Budapest, Budapest

Kapcsolattartó neve:   Tamás Kasza
Kapcsolattartó telefon:   +36703732981
Kategória:   Hulladékgazdálkodás
Irányítószám:   1238

Austin AI Europe is the European representation of the sensor-based automated sorting system innovator and producer, Austin AI Inc. (est. 2001).

Up to now, Austin AI Inc. is the only manufacturer who has the IP of all the most modern, chemistry based sensor sorters, like LIBS, XRF, THz. These techniques help recycling companies to save energy and lower their carbon footprint. Providing our innovative technologies to the waste management industry we contribute to the circular economy goals. We are proud of being part of the global protection of our environment.

Thanks to the advanced environmental regulatory power of Europe, Austin AI sensor sorters are gaining more and more interest in Europe. And beyond interest also gaining increasing numbers of reference sites with full satisfaction of the users.

Austin AI Europe is responsible for the European sales and marketing as well as provides service and maintenance support for EMEA customers.

Budapest, Budapest
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